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Peace On Earth Hunt 11!

Peace On Earth Hunt 11 Designer Applications are CLOSED.
Peace On Earth Hunt 11 Blogger Applications are OPEN and can be found HERE.
Peace On Earth Hunt 11 Chat Moderator Applications are CLOSED.
Peace On Earth Hunt 11 Flickr Moderator Applications are CLOSED.

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again already!  We’re a little early this year – due to me (Ro) being in RL school during this time and might be sitting for a national exam during hunt planning, so we’re trying to get as much together in advance as we can… but it’s still mid-August!

You know what that means…

Peace On Earth Hunt 11 will be coming this December!  December 1st-31st, 2018.

In addition to Designer Applications being linked above, we are also looking for more Chat Moderators and Flickr Moderators to supplement our team.  The Designer applications won’t close for a few months yet, but the Chat and Flickr Moderator applications will close August 31st, 2018.

I was reading through last year’s post when applications opened… and I’m finding an excerpt that I want to repeat here again this year…

When Peace On Earth first began, it was the brainchild of Sequoia Nightfire.  Some of you get tired of me saying that in everything I type about it – invitations, advertisements, applications, etc.  But there’s a very distinct reason I do that.  Even though I’ve run the hunt from POE 7 onwards, I never want people to forget the originator of this wonderful tradition.  I would not be here without the idea that she created.  Without the community of people that she created.  Sequoia is responsible for the attitude of the community who want this hunt every year.  The fact that a large group of people came together asking, “If Sequoia isn’t here, is POE going to happen?!  Where’s POE?  What’s going on with POE this year?” is entirely her doing.  Without her hard work and dedication for the first 6 years of POE’s existence, I would not have had a reason to continue it.

She did this – and I do this now – purely for you.  The community.  And I never want people to forget that she was the brains behind this amazing community.  She was the heart that created the passion that the grid has for it.  I’m simply a vessel to keep it going.

That is still exactly how I view this, and my role in this, this year and every year beyond.  I am simply a vessel to keep POE going.

Anyway – that’s enough from me for right now.  Thank you all again for being the reason that this exists year after year.

♥ Ro (Tiviyah Resident)
Peace On Earth Hunt 11 Director

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Peace On Earth Hunt 10!

Peace On Earth Hunt 10 Designer Applications are now Closed.
Peace On Earth Hunt 10 Blogger Applications are now Closed.

Peace On Earth Hunt 10 is getting geared up to go, with Designer Applications already open, and Blogger Applications set to open on October 1st, 2017.  But can you believe it?  Peace On Earth Hunt 10!  10!  TEN years.

For those of you that don’t know, Peace On Earth being in its 10th year makes it the longest-running grid-wide hunt in existence… but moreso than that, that means that there has been 10 years of wonderful Designers making gifts for residents each holiday season.  10 years of the residents of Second Life looking forward to the hunt with anticipation.  Where will they go?  What will they get?  When can everyone be online to do the hunt together?  10 years of the community coming together with their families, their friends, their loved ones.  10 years of craziness.  10 years of awesomeness.  10 years of just good, old-fashioned family-friendly fun.

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POE 9 Vendor Applications Are OPEN – And Welcome Team!

Hello again!  It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?  -laughs-  Well I’m back, with some pretty exciting stuff for Peace On Earth 9!

Designers last year asked that applications open even earlier than September, for the December hunt, so in listening to them, the Vendor Applications for POE 9 are now OPEN.  You can see the Vendor Application page of this website, or you can check the POE 9 tab of my blog, found HERE, for more information and a link to the application.  These applications will remain open until November 1st, and as always there is NO entry fee or anything to be paid of any kind.  This is a hunt continued in the spirit of giving back to the SL community.  I don’t want your money.  😛

I got about 40 applications overnight the first night I released the apps.  I will begin sending group invites in the coming days.

The Blogger Applications will not open for POE 9 until September 1st.  Check back to the Blogger App page of this website for more details around that time.

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POE 9 Team

POE 9 Team Acceptance Notecards Have Been Sent!

Hello!  Welcome to Peace On Earth’s new blog/website.  It’s going to take a bit of putting together over the next few months as we prepare for POE 9, however, pardon our dust as we get things rolling!

As I’ve been saying over the past few months that I’ve had Team applications open, I understand that POE 7 and 8 were a little bit bumpy, as we worked to rebuild and maintain what was Sequoia’s baby within SL.  It is my goal with POE 9 to introduce a team structure to help smooth out the process, and to keep any one individual from winding up burnt out.  (Some of you know how close I was last year!)

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