Peace On Earth Hunt 10 – Team

Last Updated: 09/11/2017


Deianira Ashbourne (Tiviyah Resident)
Thrust into the Hunt Organization game when a friend came to her wanting to continue the Peace On Earth Hunt after the disappearance of its founder, Deia floundered around for years until finally falling into a pattern of actually beginning to enjoy what she does.  In 2017, in the spirit of embracing new projects and new things, she figured she would begin a project of her own, compounding on the idea of Peace and giving back to the SL Community, but a mid-year hunt that she could build from the ground up.  Serving as a successful test run for a new system of organization, Deia now returns to Peace On Earth 10 with renewed vigor, hoping to make this the best year of POE yet, in honor of its 10th year!

Designer Liaison

(Coming Soon)

Blogger Manager


Supa Nova (Novaleigh Freng)
It is with great pleasure that I welcome Novaleigh Freng back to the position as Blogger Manager for Peace On Earth Hunt 10.  RL may have taken her away from POE 9, but it seems to have only further inspired the art of her photography and her blogging, and she really stepped up into the Blogger Manager role for Peace By Peace 1 back in May.  She has a keen eye for showcasing products and designers, and is an artful blogger with management experience.  She is a wonderful member to have on the team.

Group Chat Moderators

Wendy (Wendy Scalia)
Laura (LauraGenia Viper)
Aealla (Aealla Illyar)

During Peace By Peace 1, I wanted Wendy, our seasoned group chat moderator, to have a little bit more help.  Back in May, I brought on the additional assistance of Laura and Aealla to aid the Hunters, and it seems to have worked well.  So, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  It is amazing to have all of these ladies back on the team, and I’m sure they will all do their very best to help keep the hunt process as smooth for all of you as possible.

Flickr Moderators

Lutricia (Lutricia Roux)
Laura (LauraGenia Viper)

Flickr Moderators are the real MVP’s of any event that I’m working with, because if there is one thing I always forget to do, it’s update the Flickr group.  Lutricia did such an amazing job during POE 9 that it actually forced me not once but TWICE to go back into the Flickr group settings and make sure that Moderation was turned on.  I never saw pending pictures.  She was so on top of it.  To help her out and keep her from burning out, LauraGenia Viper pulled double-duty during Peace By Peace 1 as a Group Chat Moderator and a Flickr Moderator, with her extensive Flickr knowledge becoming an asset to this part of the team.  Again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so I’m glad to have both of these ladies back in their positions for POE 10!

All in all, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the team with me that I do moving forward into the Peace On Earth Hunt 10.  I hope you all will come along with us for the ride and enjoy it as much as we do.