Peace By Peace Hunt 2 – Team

Last Updated: February 28th, 2018


Deianira Snow (Tiviyah Resident)
Having just come off of Peace On Earth Hunt’s 10th year, Deianira decided to continue on with the second installment of the newly-established mid-year hunt with the same sort of emphasis on giving back to the community in hunt form.  Peace By Peace Hunt 2 will be even more fun and jam-packed than Peace By Peace Hunt 1 was!

Assistant Director

Novaleigh (Novaleigh Freng)
Serving previously as a Blogger Manager for several past Peace On Earth Hunts and working behind the scenes as the Graphics Designer for Peace By Peace Hunt 1 and Peace On Earth Hunt 10 (and for the upcoming Peace By Peace Hunt 2!), Novaleigh has more than proven herself dedicated to the Peace family of hunts and has thoroughly earned this promotion to Assistant Director.  It is our hope that by implementing an Assistant Director position, we can help ensure that concerns from Designers, Bloggers, and Hunters are addressed more quickly and more efficiently in the Director’s absence, or when the Director is focused on 600 other things.  Please welcome Novaleigh into this position and treat her with the same respect you would treat Deianira with!

Designer Liaison

(Coming Soon)

Blogger Manager

Lawrence D. Pryce (LawrenceD Resident)
We are sincerely excited to bring to our team a face that might be new to the POE and PBP community, but is certainly not new to the Blogger Community.  Lawrence brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a desire to help Bloggers and Designers of all kinds. We are incredibly excited to have him with us for Peace By Peace Hunt 2!

Lead Chat Moderator

Wendy (Wendy Scalia)
Wendy is the epitome of what Peace On Earth and Peace By Peace stands for.  As a Chat Moderator from the  beginning of the Team structure for POE, Wendy has always gone above and beyond what was expected of her, and for that, we could not be more grateful.  Always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, including teleporting to them and helping them hunt for an item that is particularly elusive, Wendy is the first person I thought of when I needed to establish a Lead in this area, while we look at adding additional Chat Moderators.  It is my hope that old and new Moderators alike will follow Wendy’s example, and I cannot be more thrilled that she has accepted this position.

Group Chat Moderators

To be updated soon, with additional Group Chat Moderators from our recent application.
Though applications have technically closed, we may be willing to consider yours if you fill it out soon!  Click HERE if you are interested.  If we receive your application before we are finished vetting current applicants, you may be considered.

Flickr Moderators

Lutricia (Lutricia Roux)
Laura (LauraGenia Viper)

Flickr Moderators are the real MVP’s of any event that I’m working with, because if there is one thing I always forget to do, it’s update the Flickr group.  Lutricia did such an amazing job during POE 9 that it actually forced me not once but TWICE to go back into the Flickr group settings and make sure that Moderation was turned on.  I never saw pending pictures.  She was so on top of it.  To help her out and keep her from burning out, LauraGenia Viper pulled double-duty during Peace By Peace 1 as a Group Chat Moderator and a Flickr Moderator, with her extensive Flickr knowledge becoming an asset to this part of the team.  Again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so I’m glad to have both of these ladies back in their positions for PBP 2!

All in all, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the team with me that I do moving forward into the Peace By Peace Hunt 2.  I hope you all will come along with us for the ride and enjoy it as much as we do.