Peace On Earth Hunt 12 – Team

Last Updated: September 1st, 2019


Tivi Rain (Tiviyah Resident)
There were thoughts of ending Peace On Earth Hunt after it passed it’s milestone 10th year and saw an unprecedented 297 Designers originally signing up to participate.  But of course, as with most years, requests for applications began to surface in the summer, and so here we are, back again with an 12th year.  I am happy to continue to do this for as long as the community wants it, especially with the amazing team beside me.  ♥

Blogger Manager

(photo coming soon)

Ryanna (Ryanna Foxclaw)
After stepping in at the last minute to fill an unexpected vacancy, Ryanna stepped up hard!  As a blogger with the Peace family of hunts, she was familiar with how things tended to go, and she was able to keep the personal touch of having a connecting person for Bloggers to go to with their questions and concerns.  It is my pleasure to announce that she has a position as the Peace On Earth Blogger Manager for as long as she wants it.

Lead Chat Moderator

Wendy (Wendy Scalia)
Wendy is the epitome of what Peace On Earth and Peace By Peace stands for.  As a Chat Moderator from the  beginning of the Team structure for POE, Wendy has always gone above and beyond what was expected of her, and for that, we could not be more grateful.  Always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, including teleporting to them and helping them hunt for an item that is particularly elusive, Wendy is the first person I thought of when I needed to establish a Lead in this area, while we look at adding additional Chat Moderators.  It is my hope that old and new Moderators alike will follow Wendy’s example, and I cannot be more thrilled that she has accepted this position.

Group Chat Moderators

Check back soon for an application announcement, if you are interested in being a Group Chat Moderator for POE 12 – and potentially beyond.  ♥

Flickr Moderators

Check back soon for an application announcement,if you are interested in being a Flickr Moderator for POE 12 – and potentially beyond!  ♥

All in all, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the team with me that I do moving forward into the Peace On Earth Hunt 12.  I hope you all will come along with us for the ride and enjoy it as much as we do.