Peace On Earth Hunt 12 – Hint List

Last Updated: December 1st, 2019


Hello Peace On Earth Hunters!

You wait for it every year, the most anticipated grid-wide hunt of the Holiday season, you chomp at the bit as midnight December 1st approaches, and here we have it! It’s December 1st, and you know what that means.. you can start hunting!

Also, this year as with the last couple of years, there is *no distance requirement*, so you may have to look further into the store – though, as always, Designers were asked to keep things ‘reasonable’. Also, to help you out in your search, Hints are mandatory, and hint givers are attached to the kiosks this year so they will be easier to find. You will have some guidance, I promise!

Welcome to the 12th year of Peace On Earth, and thank you for your excitement each year. You, and the generous Designers, are the reasons we continue to do this hunt.

.::| Elite Sponsors (Stores 1-5)

#01: Mara’s Mysteries
– Hint: Dancing Around the Christmas Tree

#02: MOoH!
– Hint: Sit down and have a cow!

#03: AlaFolie
– Hint: in the shade of the palm tree

#04: Wendy’s Whimsy
– Hint: You light up my life!

#05: Wilson’s Designs
– Hint: So many new arrivals… that’s where you’ll find your gift…


.::| Sponsors (Stores 6-20)

#06: True North Designs
– Hint: ‘Hey! If I can fall from right at this spot up here.. we could have a whole mess of frogs legs for supper, teehee!’

#07: Gin’s Boutique
– Hint: Baby, it’s cold inside

#08: Beloved Jewelry
– Hint: Tables are good places for globes.

#09: Park Place Home
– Hint: It’s so peaceful in Summerset at this time of year Did I spell that correctly?.

#10: Poses With Attitude
– Hint: Here we GROW again

#11: OMG! Inc.
– Hint: What’s the count?

#12: Changed Seasons
– Hint: The elves are always busy at work this time of year.

#13: Tipsters
– Hint: I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause

#14: Spyralle
– Hint: Follow the Dancer, but do not tailgate!

#15: [CIRCA] Living
– Hint: The chess player, the book worm, the collector all in one place for knowledge and play!

#16: Salacity
– Hint: Pie is your happy place! Maybe peace on earth comes through the baking of good pies… mmmm pie. You’ll be safe if you can find a peace of this pie.

#17: Luziefee (use teleport to jump up to store)
– Hint: What does the fox say?

#18: Dench Designs
– Hint: Look for the funny man in the Top Hat

#19: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
– Hint: REGINE is an Art Deco Classic

#20: Prim Pile Creations
– Hint: Twas the night before Christmas and there in the house the kitty was sleep with his friend the little mouse.



.::| Vendors (Stores 21-70)

#21: Broken Creek Decor
– Hint: Look for Teddy MacReady near something NEW

– Hint: We use to find Xmas gifts there! ♥

#23: Alli&Ali Designs
– Hint: Right on our info table in the lobby. Enjoy 🙂

#24: Palette
– Hint: Oh Deer

#25: Z.O.E.
– Hint: Everyone needs NEW STUFF!

#26: JR Wolf Creations
– Hint: The unicorn keeps a watchful eye….

#27: The Style Loft
– Hint: You will find me all tucked in nice and cozy between Lydia and the Snowflakes

#28: Alternating Current
– Hint: Are you feeling lucky?

#29: NUTS Inc.
– Hint: Tree three is the guardian of this treasure

#30: EscalateD
– Hint: Hanging around and watch everyone. Don’t you dare to steal the cookies

#31: C!L Boutique
– Hint: Is it the Holiday Season yet!?

#32: PeachyKeen Gachas
– Hint: Snowflakes Will Fall

#33: Glitterati by Sapphire
– Hint: Come and play with Ariel – The little Mermaid

#34: Applique Chic
– Hint: Take a break have a seat

#35: Scottish By Design
– Hint: Wish Upon a Star…

#36: Shinu Made
– Hint: Taking Pics with friends is the most fun thing to make, but if you doddle them in the special place, the gift will be yours then

#37: Grumble
– Hint: What an ATTITUDE!

#38: Rack@Steaming Ahead
– Hint: This is a long way to fall

#39: Eclectica
– Hint: Peace out man, and go hug a tree!

#40: SKIP

#41: Flowers & Things
– Hint: Go towards the Polar Bears, I am near a fire but not too near that I might burn!

#42: Timeless Textures (2 Globes to be Found; 1 Male & 1 Female)
– Hint for Globe 1: Brrrr, it’s so cold! Put some WOOD on the fire and come snuggle up with me on the sofa.
– Hint for Globe 2: Cinnamon Spice, Holly and TARTAN ribbon… ahh, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas!

#43: SKIP

#44: The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co.
– Hint: We live on a fragile and beautiful blue green ball with flora and fauna in harmony.

#45: Roawenwood
– Hint: At the feet of a goddess on high

#46: Ciara’s Creations
– Hint: Don’t get you feet wet while you’re looking for the world.

#47: Zinner Shapes & Gallery
– Hint: No gift will be better than the peace I feel

#48: Off the Wall
– Hint: Nothing holds a candle to me!

#49: Modern Nostalgia
– Hint: Look low for me I can see you but can you see me

#50: Dulce Secrets
– Hint: Look carefully and you will see 2 gifts under the tree there be!

#51: Touryuumon
– Hint: is this a new toy?

#52: [Ari-Pari]
– Hint: Trimming the tree is so much fun… just be careful not to break an ornament!

#53: Sassy Brats
– Hint: Will we all align?

#54: Ink Blots
– Hint: A BLUE ROSE can be given as a sign of Peace.

#55: Captured Waters
– Hint: Don’t get wet near dizzy stairs

#56: Sanna Science & Art (per hint, use teleporter to Christmas Area)
– Hint: A Symbol of Peace and Religious Devotion … (Christmas Area)

#57: Art & Fashion
– Hint: Inside the Store Look for the Masks behind which each of us sometimes hides.

#58: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
– Hint: Mirror, mirror off the wall, season’s peace to one and all!

#59: Key Style
– Hint: Look for me near the trees!

#60: Lurve
– Hint: You can find me hanging with a kitty cat

#61: Tidbits
– Hint: Massage is the answer… who cares what the question is!

#62: McMinnar’s Oddments
– Hint: Tired of hunting? Sit a spell and relax – and check your back!

#63: Baby Ghee (use provided Teleporter near Kiosk)
– Hint: Bedtime with a good book, cookies and milk! Time for some Christmas Tales

#64: Couture Chapeau
– Hint: Gold Bust

#65: MELANGE Inc. (To avoid confusion with the hint, this location only has 1 globe to find)
– Hint: Grab all 5 Of these Gifts!

#66: Eye Candi
– Hint: I love looking out of the window

#67: LoveCat Store
– Hint: An Angel has a special gift for you!

#68: MystRie (2 Globes to be Found; 1 Male & 1 Female)
– Hint for Male: You don’t say ‘Boo’ at Christmas, right?
– Hint for Female: Do you think swans are peaceful creatures?

#69: Aphrodite Shop
– Hint: Between two flat mirrors of ice, not in the snow… where am i?

#70: Epicine
– Hint: 1L 1 hour