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POE 9 Vendor Applications Are OPEN – And Welcome Team!

Hello again!  It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?  -laughs-  Well I’m back, with some pretty exciting stuff for Peace On Earth 9!

Designers last year asked that applications open even earlier than September, for the December hunt, so in listening to them, the Vendor Applications for POE 9 are now OPEN.  You can see the Vendor Application page of this website, or you can check the POE 9 tab of my blog, found HERE, for more information and a link to the application.  These applications will remain open until November 1st, and as always there is NO entry fee or anything to be paid of any kind.  This is a hunt continued in the spirit of giving back to the SL community.  I don’t want your money.  😛

I got about 40 applications overnight the first night I released the apps.  I will begin sending group invites in the coming days.

The Blogger Applications will not open for POE 9 until September 1st.  Check back to the Blogger App page of this website for more details around that time.

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POE 9 Team

POE 9 Team Acceptance Notecards Have Been Sent!

Hello!  Welcome to Peace On Earth’s new blog/website.  It’s going to take a bit of putting together over the next few months as we prepare for POE 9, however, pardon our dust as we get things rolling!

As I’ve been saying over the past few months that I’ve had Team applications open, I understand that POE 7 and 8 were a little bit bumpy, as we worked to rebuild and maintain what was Sequoia’s baby within SL.  It is my goal with POE 9 to introduce a team structure to help smooth out the process, and to keep any one individual from winding up burnt out.  (Some of you know how close I was last year!)

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