Peace By Peace Hunt 1 – Hint List

Last Updated: 05/14/2017

We surprised you, didn’t we? I know a lot of you were surprised when we announced in the Hunters group that we’d be doing a mid-year hunt this year, and here it is! May 1st, and you can start hunting!

This is a much smaller hunt than POE, kept that way to do a dry-run of a couple new tools that will hopefully make POE in December better for us all. But, even with only 50 stores to make your way through, you still have all month to do it!

***Please also remember, this is a L$1 Hunt. That means that each hunt prize costs L$1. ***
Peace on Earth Hunt in December has always been, and will always be, a free hunt, however, this particular hunt is something a little bit different, trying out some new things, including seeing how well a L$1 hunt does. If you are upset with each prize costing L$1, please do not IM myself, my staff, or any of the designers about it. There will be, as always, a survey at the end of the hunt where you can let us know what you liked and what you didn’t like about the hunt. Thank you for understanding this. ❤

With this hunt, as with last year’s POE 9, there is no distance requirement, but designers were asked to be reasonable. However, also as with last year’s POE 9, hints are Mandatory, so make sure you’re checking the Puzzle Piece near the kiosks at the landing point for some help along the way.
Hopefully we won’t have the landmark issue we had with POE, since there are fewer landmarks, but please let me know if you have troubles again and I’ll send a box out. ❤

#01: Slipper Originals
Hint: What’s better than one pair of sneakers? Well 3 of course!

#02: Ghee
Hint: It looks like Ghee means business this summer!

#03: Park Place Home
Hint: I’m in Somerset!

#04: SKIP

#05: Posh Pixels  (Updated 5/14/17)
Hint: If you are feeling sleepy, be sure to grab a cup of our award winning coffee.

#06: Spyralle
Hint: She is Number One among his sisters and his cousins and his aunts!

#07: True North Designs
Hint: I just love Japanese ink drawing.

#08: Mirror Mirror (2 prizes to be found here)
Hint 1: You’ll find more than Mirror Mirror’s newest release if you look here!
Hint 2: It might be Worth It to check out Mirror Mirror’s Fall/Winter 2016 releases.

#09: [kusshon]
Hint: Jump up with the big 2 and search for a 50’s pin-up girl.

#10: LUNA Body Art
Hint: Do you like Macaroons?

#11: Sweet Tea Couture
Hint: SHOOZ give me peace.

#12: Image Factory
Hint: Look out the window facing North.

#13: SKIP

#14: Ab.Fab
Hint: Cross the bridge and go to the sakura pearl tree to drink your tea.

#15: Prism for Men
Hint: Next to the suits.

#16: Prism Designs
Hint: Find a dock on the lake and reach for the stars. There’s a ladder nearby if you need it!

#17: Prism Designs by Jezzixa Cazalet
Hint: ACCESSORIES add the finishing touch to any outfit.

#18: Eye Candi
Hint: But maybe you don’t.

#19: Tipsters
Hint: I vote for peace.

#20: PixelArt Pose Props
Hint: I love a peaceful waterfall.

#21: Daddy’s Choice Designs
Hint: Refill your shopping fun!

#22: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Look behind!

#23: SKIP

#24: OMG! Inc
Hint: I am by the mix and match.

#25: Get Jiggy!
Hint: Look at ‘Suave Me’.

#26: %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Hint: Pssst! You thirsty?

#27: The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
Hint: The Moon And The Stars Are Always Together

#28: [CIRCA] Living
Hint: Luna by the bay is getting her hippy on by hanging out in this tie dye awesomeness!

#29: Luziefee Designs
Hint: Under the roof – over your head

#30: Wilson’s Designs
Hint: Up to 3rd floor, but don’t go to the 4th

#31: *Inkheart*
Hint: I’m obscure!

#32: Prim Pile Creations
Hint: Like a great puzzle, it is a mystery at first.  But piece by piece the picture becomes clear.

#33: SKIP

#34: Ink Blots
Hint: From here, you can see the Peace on the street.

#35: Wood Works
Hint: The puzzle piece can be found, where X’s and O’s go up and down.

#36: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Have a seat and think about SERENNAty in the world.

#37: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Make a wish!

#38: Hang’R
Hint: Captain Nemo’s favorite ship.

#39: KL Couture
Hint: The place to be if you are a movie star!

#40: Eclectica
Hint: Halfway up the stairs is a stair where I sit…

#41: B&T Atelier Mesh Studio
Hint: We love orchids!

#42: Dench Designs
Hint: A stitch in time saves nine, better get sewing then.

#43: [House of Ruby]
Hint: Let’s wear something green this spring.

#44: Glitter Fashion
Hint: Search the light bulbs and you will find one more piece of the puzzle.

#45: Elegant Daydream Gardens
Hint: Peace on earth Good will to all men doesn’t say anything about us women, so I guess we will have to shed a little light on the subject.

#46: SKIP

#47: Melodic (4 prizes to be found here!)
General Hint/Tip: Everything is inside the store.
Hint 1: What’s that chair doing there?
Hint 2: One of these pillows isn’t like the others.
Hint 3: So many frames!
Hint 4: All things Omega.

#48: Palette (2 prizes to find here!)
Hint 1: Relax and put your feet up.
Hint 2: May I have a piece of paper?

#49: Facepalm
Hint: How much are those women in the window?

#50: Matahari Style
Hint: I’m in the mood for cocktails and dancing!