Peace On Earth Hunt 11 – Hint List

Last Updated: December 15th, 2018

You wait for it every year, you chomp at the bit as midnight December 1st approaches, and here we have it! It’s December 1st, and you know what that means… you can start hunting!

Included, as in past years where notecards have been finicky with giving you the Landmark attached directly to it, we have a box of landmarks to all the stores, so that you can pick and choose if, for some reason, there is one missing from a globe.

Also, this year as with last year, there is *no distance requirement*, so you may have to look further into the store – though as always Designers were asked to keep things ‘reasonable’. Also, to help you out in your search, Hints are Mandatory, so you will have some guidance!

Welcome to the 11th year of Peace On Earth, and thank you for your excitement each year. You, and the generous Designers, are the reasons we continue to do this every year.

.::| Elite Sponsors (Stores 1-5)

#001: MOoH!
Hint: Unicorns and butterflies, so peaceful!

#002: %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Hint: The Mechanics of paper

#003: PurpleMoon Creations
Hint: The lady with the red truck has it

#004: Ghee
Hint: Daisy, Daisy, Give Me the Hunt Gift, do!

#005: Deetalez3 Globes to find, same prize for different heads
Hint: You can see the Stars in the Sky when LOOKING UP like you could see the Earth if you look down from the Space!
* This prize is made for Lelutka, Genus, and Catwa heads, and has a globe hidden for each head. Go to the section for your head of choice, and use the hint there to find your prize.

.::| Sponsors (Stores 6-20)

#006: Mara’s Mysteries
Hint: Have a seat near the Christmas tree

#007: Broken Creek Decor
Hint: Where in the world is Teddy MacReady?

#008: Park Place Home
Hint: Sitting and rocking and feeling at peace

#009: Roawenwood
Hint: Balderdash! Memories and tokens from the Faire

#010: True North Designs
Hint: ‘Oh, I just get so BEHIND on OFFICE work at this time of year!’

#011: Drakes
Hint: In the home of the Úlfhéðnar, near the left hand of the Allfather, beneath the vargr helm can the world be found.

#012: OMG Inc.
Hint: I am in the center!

#013: Poses With Attitude
Hint: Where the kittens play

#014: Bittersweet + Strange Poses
Hint: Sh! Don’t wake the baby while you’re looking for your prize!

#015: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: Ashlie is guarding your prize.

#016: Daddy’s Choice Designs
Hint: Hey whats new?

#017: Avada
Hint: Did France really have a hot summer?

#018: Salacity
Hint: Peace on Earth would be out of this world! Wait, what in the world? Are there two worlds?

#019: Prim Pile Creations
Hint: Lights and presents adorn the tree this is where there is a gift for thee.

#020: Taox Tattoo
Hint: I heard that there is a globe in the area of women —<3

.::| Vendors

#021: LUNA Body Art
Hint: Coffee?

#022: Enchanted Memories Home & Garden
Hint: You are highly welcome!

#023: Glitterati by Sapphire
Hint: Twinkle twinkle little star.. there is a pixie not too far!

#024: Little 2 Large
Hint: Galatea is wearing the hunt prize gown. I’ll hide by her.

#025: Luziefee
Hint: Charity

#026: SKIP

#027: Dark Intentions
Hint: Peace On Earth For Cats Too

#028: Tidbits
Hint: There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

#029: Ashbury
Hint: Lets go to the top of the Effile Tower

#030: Ample Avi
Hint: Up, Up, and Away!

#031: EscalateD
Hint: I swing in the middle of green and the ocean is only a wall away

#032: Kaerri
Hint: Its not Christmas without flowers

#033: SKIP

#034: DaneMarkz
Hint: It’s the most cozy time of the year♥

#035: SKIP

#036: Lurve
Hint: A weary shopper can rest here with pillows to support your back.

#037: House of Joi Designs
Hint: Join My Group and here I am!

#038: Zickenkiste
Hint: Fallyn in Love With You

#039: Sascha’s Designs
Hint: Look for the BonBon Hat… it’s just around the corner

#040: SKIP

#041: Grey’s Mind Maze
Hint: Cold, so cold. But I want to be neat and tidy for this event.

#042: Modern Nostalgia
Hint: Just gonna hide in this plant and spy

#043: Zinner Shapes & Zinner Gallery
Hint: You will find me in the last frontier

#044: Captivating!
Hint: Let’s get down to business

#045: Sanna Science & Art
Hint: In the eyes of children we find the joy of Christmas (Christmas Area)
* Take teleporter at the landing point to Christmas Area

#046: Couture Chapeau
Hint: The Cs have it

#047: Palette3 Globes to find!
Hint #1: Enjoy a book by the tree
Hint #2: Gonk loves cocoa and cookies
Hint #3: Elves are putting out boxes of decorations

#048: KL Couture
Hint: Pretty girls walk with a swag

#049: The Style Loft
Hint: Here I sit, bright, shiny, and NEW. Watching over all of you!

#050: Gin’s Boutique
Hint: I’m such a (snow)flake

#051: Timeless Textures
Hint: I looked high and low to find the NEW releases

#052: Flowers and Things
Hint: Snow is so Pretty.

#053: SKIP

#054: Sweet E’s Designs
Hint: Who Doesn’t love a Sale?

#055: Special Impressions
Hint: The House of Gingerbread man

#056: Wilson’s Designs
Hint: The classy way to go out is where you will find your gift

#057: Wood Works
Hint: Mom’s soup contained everything but the kitchen sink

#058: Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: There will be Peace, if they remember the RULE!

#059: Captured Waters
Hint: Butterflies flutter around me

#060: Circa Living
Hint: Icy blue baubles, winter deer, winged angels and snowflakes cover this traditional piece!

#061: SALTY
Hint: Boop-Oop-a-Doop

#062: Ink Blots
Hint: Don’t fall from GRACE this holiday season.

#063: GeMyles Couture+
Hint: Gifts Gifts Gifts – hunt them down @ GeMyles to find this HUNT item!

#064: Dench Designs
Hint: Look for the Man in the Bowler hat you can’t miss him because he’s rather fat!

#065: SKIP

#066: P.S. Nails
Hint: Wow look at all the events!

#067: DE.Boutique
Hint: Give me light, Give me Peace on Earth

#068: Pharmacist
Hint: I have needles but you would’t look for them in a haystack!

#069: Alli&Ali Designs
Hint: In the entrance hall on the redeliver terminal

#070: Sassy Brats
Hint: Hey! These look kinda like me!

#071: The Tahoma
Hint: I’m on top of the world

#072: PixelArt Pose Props
Hint: Don’t make a scene, there will be gifts for everyone!

#073: Off the Wall
Hint: Gotcha!

#074: AlaFolie
Hint: I am in the company of a lady

#075: TRS Designs
Hint: The World is in the Bunnys Paws

#076: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Please have a seat and enjoy my lovely pumps!

#077: ButterflyKim Builds
Hint: Nice and toasty under the star, that’s where you’ll find me for the holiday season!

#078: Tonic
Hint: Be my guest, be my guest, be my guest

#079: ML Fashion
Hint: Get a gift every day

#080: Lyrical B!zarre Templates2 globes to find!
Hint #1: How about some hot cocoa?
Hint #2: Welcome to Winterville!

#081: Xmas @ Purple Moon
Hint: So many Owls!!!

#082: Z.O.E.
Hint: I figured I’d give you a break. It’s right here, lol.

#083: Glitter
Hint: Santa always brings gifts to all good girls

#084: NUTS Inc.
Hint: Wait… shouldn’t that be red?

#085: Mosquito’s Way
Hint: Look up, follow the path and you will find what you are looking for

#086: Donni’s Dollies
Hint: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, please bring world peace for all

#087: Spyralle
Hint: Pass through the gate and on toward sunrise.

#088: #bye – best you ever  **UPDATED 12/7/18**
Hint: In a little nook and cranny you’ll find me!

#089: Baby Ghee
Hint: Hungry? Please take one and keep hunting
* Use teleporter to get to Baby Ghee from Landing Point

#090: JR Wolf Creations
Hint: Midnight stars shine near new releases

#091: Shinu Made  **UPDATED 12/3/18**
Hint: The jumping bunnies will lead your path and they are very happy for that. But first you have to go the big house inside. Follow the bunnies. Find the big lazy one and the world you must grab

#092: Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos
Hint: The grizzly bear sleeps in his little bearskin.
He sleeps very well, I am told.
Last night I slept in my little bare skin,
And I got a heck of a cold.

#093: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Let`s bake christmas cookies!

#094: Sweet Tea Couture
Hint: Remember to Wear Your ‘Sunday Best’

#095: PeachyKeen
Hint: Come Float With Me

#096: Tipster’s
Hint: There might be more peace on earth if we got everyone a gift!

#097: SKIP

#098: Collect
Hint: You’ll find me among the festive branches

#099: Ellnique Designs
Hint: Group Gifts is where you will find me

#100: AvaGirl
Hint: Hey, move aside! I want to see this game with weird signs too!

#101: SKIP  **Updated 12/15/18**

#102: Beyond Majestic
Hint: I could not find a chimney to sit on, put I like the music over here. Come join me in carols!

#103: SKIP

#104: SKIP

#105: Art & Fashion
Hint: Welcome in Art & Fashion Store! For your Precious Prize Look for the caged culture! ^.*

#106: Meander
Hint: Time goes by so slowly…

#107: Just Ordinary
Hint: Need a redelivery? Click me

#108: Simply Shelby
Hint: Do you like to play Gacha, and do you want to build a snowman?

#109: Changed Seasons
Hint: Take a seat on Santa’s lap, he often keeps the best gifts beside him

#110: So Silly Toys
Hint: Look Around You! All These Amazing Interactive Award Winning Toys! They are Great For Gifts for Adults and Kids! To Get Most of them, You Must Try your luck; However, To Get Some of them FOR FREE; You will need to go there…

#111: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Twisted Ribbons Are Pretty.